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Sharing Some Interests...


My name is Sarah. I am Polish and am originally from Cracow. I have lived in Toulouse in France for a few years now. I speak 4 languages fluently, but I shall keep my journal in English, so that everyone may understand.

I work in Speech Therapy, and I'm working to become a Doctor. I also sometimes work in theatre.

I had a blog on another platform a while ago, but a good friend of mine said I should try LiveJournal because its pretty good. So please have patience whilst I figure out how it works.

I like paintings, artwork & crafts in general, wildlife and pets, home & beauty... I like baking cakes, although I don't think I am really very good at it.

If you would like to add me, then you are welcome. I will not add you back if your journal is in another language other than English or French, and it does not contain something visual I can appreciate (layouts, icons, pictures...). I also will not add you back if your journal is empty and you don't own or moderate a community which is active.

I block spammers and hotlinkers!

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